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TheVISAGeek™ has her ear to the ground regarding daily changes to immigration laws, procedures and policies. Whether you are an individual or business in the San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara or Monterey counties or a worldwide corporation, you will find timely and useful guideposts to help navigate the rough seas of U.S. immigration. Our goal is to be accessible to the non-specialist by using straightforward English.

TheVISAGeek™ is a publication of Lipson & Pretorius, LLP, A U.S. Immigration attorney with 25+ years experience advocating for employment-based immigration, including universities/researchers; scientific/engineering skilled workers and self-petitioners; and family-based immigration, including marriage; fiance; and citizenship applications.

J-1 Waiver Based on Support From an IGA: Guidelines from USDA

One approach for obtaining a waiver of the J-1 2-year home residency requirement relies on support from an Interested Government Agency (IGA) One of four possible grounds for a J-1 waiver includes the support of an interested United States Government agency.  According to the regulations, the foreign national applicant must be “actively and substantially involved… read more

Diversity Lottery 2015 Offers 50,000 Visas to Qualifying Applicants

Make sure you meet all the detailed qualifications before you apply! The U.S. Department of State has announced that the Diversity Lottery for Fiscal Year 2015 will be open for applications beginning October 1, 2013.  The Diversity Lottery targets immigrants from countries with traditionally low rates of immigration, and 50,000 visas will be available via… read more

L-1B Specialized Knowledge Definition Getting Clearer

Recent Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) rulings have helped clarify the specialized knowledge requirement for L-1B Intracompany Transfers. As we have noted at our website, the L non-immigrant work visa category is a very useful tool for international companies needing to bring foreign employees to the United States. In order for the employees of companies located… read more

US to UK Settlement Visa Procedure Changes

The UK Border Agency has changed the location for applying for a UK settlement visa from the US. Specifically, for individuals looking to establish permanent residence in the UK, the Home Office’s UK Border Agency has set a new office to receive these settlement visa applications: UK Visas and Immigration, International Operations and Visa, 6… read more

Married Same-Sex and Straight Couples Now Treated Equally for Green Cards

The recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings on same-sex marriage mark real progress and raise many questions. Our office – indeed most immigration law offices – have been inundated with questions about the impact of the recent same-sex marriage rulings on family-based immigration.  USCIS has published an excellent FAQ that answers many of the questions that… read more