What Types of Jobs must be Created for the EB5 Green Card?

The simple answer to this question is ten full-time jobs. There are many complexities however related to what types of jobs end up satisfying the immigration service. This issue begins at the initial I526 filing stages when an investor must provide the immigration service with a comprehensive business plan to evidence and convince the USCIS… Read more »

EB-5: Investing Your Capital

As an EB-5 investor with the required capital,  how must you invest it? Invest means to contribute capital, as that term was defined in an earlier blog. But a contribution of capital in exchange for a note, bond, or any other debt arrangement between the new commercial enterprise and the immigrant investor does NOT constitute… Read more »

EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program: Key Elements

The EB-5 Program is based on three main elements: The immigrant’s investment of capital In a new commercial enterprise That creates jobs. In a series of blogs we will lay out what each of these three elements means for both the original EB-5 program (investment of $1 million) and the Immigrant Investor Pilot Program such… Read more »

EB-5 investor Program: Favorable Climate

USCIS re-emphasizes thoughtful and careful adjudication of applications to further the program’s purpose to promote the immigration of people who can help create jobs for U.S. workers through their investment of capital into the U.S. economy In this environment of job scarcity, USCIS has promised to focus its resources on investment/entrepreneurial visas to beef up… Read more »